third party logistics

Third party logistics, abbreviated 3PL or TPL, means that a third party, in addition to seller and customer, takes over some or all of the logistical features. For example, a company allows another company to handle the delivery of the goods, so-called outsourcing of the business.

Laying out their warehouse or delivery function and similar logistics services on contract to an external party can be a way for companies to save money and focus on core business.

Expresspack offers cost-controlled, flexible and innovative third-party logistics for those who want to outsource their inventory management. We live after development and through development, we will always grow together with our customers and be at the forefront. Our customers’ needs are met by high level of service, quality and accuracy.

Import & Export Services

Through our freight agreements we can offer effective import and export solutions for our customers.
We accept that your order leaves the manufacturer’s stock and is handled by our agents.
We want you to get your order efficiently and quickly get your order to our warehouse.

The customs clearance takes place through our agents and our airline importers have an average delivery time of up to 3 working days from the pick-up of the goods.


We also offer dropshipping services where our customers demand re-packaging and product changes.
Such as labels or bundles before orders go directly to end customers without passing through our storage locations.
This will happen within the same working day of receipt.

Logistic Servies

As a customer of us, you will receive customized distribution solutions and services that will suit you.
Our customers have all the unique customized logistics solutions that fit their type of range.

In addition to traditional solutions such as delivery, picking, packing and delivery, we also handle return and complaint handling, repackaging, where you get help with packing, assembly, sorting, raising, label application, stacking, punching and shrink loading.


Despite our small size, we still send over 40000 orders a year. Since we always want such good quality at a favorable price, we have good cooperation with our carriers, where we continually improve our freight agreements according to our total volumes. We use several different carriers to provide the right service for the right mission.


If you intend to broaden your sales areas, Amazon is a major sales channel, but it also demands the products to be approved by their fullfillment facilities.
We have experience from the whole process of preparing goods, bookings, deliveries so everything is done smoothly and at no additional cost.

e-commerce & integration

Our e-commerce services mean that you do not need to consider things like inventory, flow, and logistics. We handle large volumes of goods shipped all over the world daily. Let’s take care of your inventory and manage the logistics for your e-commerce solution or webshop.


Through integration with our warehouse management system and your e-commerce system, you get full control over your feeds and reports to facilitate your purchase and sales planning. Our warehouse management system is specialized for third party logistics and is compatible with most of types of e-commerce systems on the market.