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504 35 Borås, Sweden

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Our History

Our business is in partnership with our main company, Morbee AB, which deals with imports and e-commerce of wide-ranging products. After a while, we grew out of our premises. When we checked the market, we saw the lack of good logistics services for small and medium-sized e-commerce companies to Take the next step and still keep cost.

Therefore, we started expresspack, as we handle large order flows daily, we saw the opportunity to develop our platform and offer our services to other companies.


Thanks to our expertise in the field and previous experience, we have been able to create routines and flows optimized for quick handling. In addition to our warehouse operations, we have import and print departments where we offer our customers services beyond the usual to facilitate your development.

Other services such as printed packages are something we can help you with, as it is obvious to be get the right profile as in finding the right logistics partner.

The possibilities are endless and we are there to help you grow!

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