Due to recent events on the dropshipping market in Sweden the local postal offices is now adding high handling charges for single packages no matter the value that is sent from outside the European Union.

This makes it hard for outside companies to sell products on the Swedish market. The charge doesnt make it profitable for the customer to buy it outside the EU.

Whats our solution?

We act as a quickstorage for your orders and products, as soon as a shipment of products arrive we pick and pack the products and send them out within a few days.

This eliminates the extra charges the customer would pay, you can bulk transport products and lower your transport costs wich increase your turnover.


We offer a cost effective and secure way to reach the Swedish market without having lose to much profit on turned down checkouts due to high local postal charges.

We are working today with several companys with a dropshipping business and helping them reach out on the Swedish Market. With domestic transport know to the consumer and cost effective services for handling and sending consumer orders.

Third Party Logistics

Our main services are third party logistics and that is what we do best. Besides that we also handles return- and warranty orders where we examine and test the products to fixed prices.

We are a reliable partner and delivers secure and effective methods that helps your company grow and increase revenue.

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