Third Party Logistics

Our services free up time that makes you grow

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Import, Export and Customs handling

We collect and secure your import and export flows

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Freight Optimization

Let's create the right conditions for your shipping

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worldwide delivery


Book your transport directly with our traffic managers. We can solve transport worldwide from individual pallets to batches. We handle it from pickup to final delivery.

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Streamline your logistics flow with an external party that handle warehouse, pick and pack to consumers and businesses. We are one of many but we are strong in conveying your feeling to the customer.

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Kitting and Product Processing

Prepare a product launch to get your products in top condition. We help with everything from labeling to photography, our employees help you to present your product the best way.

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Our price calculator will help you get pricing on our third-party logistics.You get an average price per order based on the entered volume.

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